A Replacing the clutch will easily cost more than 400. The price depends on the brand and also on the hourly rate of your garage. Expect a mechanic to spend at least half a day replacing this part. Unexpected costs (such as replacing a clutch) are always a setback. Therefore, this short article describes how you can extend the life of your clutch plates. Please note that if the clutch is already worn out, there is no escaping the need to replace it. Therefore, I start with an introduction on how to determine that the clutch or clutch plates are worn out.

Symptoms worn clutch

A worn clutch can be diagnosed in several ways. The simplest way is the fact that the clutch pedal engages high. This means that the car only starts moving at the end of the clutch stroke. Usually, smooth acceleration has become impossible.
Another way to tell if the clutch is worn out is to drive constantly at 80 km/h, then put the car in fifth gear and give it full throttle. If the car is revving, but not accelerating, the clutch is probably worn out. Finally, you can also put the car on the handbrake, put it in gear and let out the clutch. If the car does not stall, your clutch is probably worn out. This is not very good for your car, so don't do it too often.

The do's to keep your clutch in one piece

  • Depress the clutch fully and release it completely when the car is in a certain gear. Most clutch wear is when the pedal is only half depressed.
  • Do a slope test on the handbrake and not on the clutch.
  • Always drive off in first gear instead of second or third. 
  • When approaching a traffic light, try to slow down slowly so that in some cases you can drive straight through and not come to a complete stop. 
  • Adjust the engine speed when changing down. Lift the accelerator slightly while releasing the clutch.

The Don'ts to keep your clutch in one piece 

  • Don't rest your foot on the clutch pedal, put it next to it. 
  • Don't depress the clutch pedal excessively hard, do it gradually. 
  • Do not shift at too low an engine speed. 
  • Do not park your car in gear. This is what the handbrake is for. 
  • Try not to shift gears unnecessarily. 

To conclude, somewhere in the life of a car you cannot escape the need to replace a clutch. Some car makes such as certain types Volvos have a very long life and are often driven by quiet drivers. If you want to last as long as possible with your clutch, apply the tips above and treat the clutch pedal with care.