Need an MOT check-up? Complete overview per location

APK inspection

In Europe, every car owner is obliged to have his or her car tested periodically. This is extremely important and aims to increase traffic safety for all road users, but also to protect our environment. This inspection is known to many as the APK. This inspection applies to passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a maximum permitted mass exceeding 3500 kg. Towed equipment is also included. These are, among other things, trailers.
This obligation for every car owner has existed for a long time and is included in the 1994 Road Traffic Act. The MOT was introduced in our country in 1981 for heavy vehicles. Since 1985, all passenger cars and commercial vehicles must be periodically inspected.

What does APK stand for?

In everyday life, the abbreviation APK is mainly used to indicate the inspection of the car. But what does APK stand for? The abbreviation APK stands for the "General Periodic Check"? It is often not entirely clear to new drivers when a vehicle has undergone a periodic test. When the MOT is required varies from car to car. How often APK inspections are required depends on the year of manufacture of the car. Apart from that, the type of fuel used also plays a major role.

When is the MOT for a new car (petrol)?

A new car that runs on petrol must have its first MOT after 4 years. This is followed by two inspections every two years. And after that, the car must be inspected annually.

When is the MOT for a new car (diesel)?

A new car that runs on diesel must have its first MOT after 3 years. After this, the car must be inspected annually.

How often should MOTs for very old vehicles be carried out?

There are a few exceptions to the MOT. Vehicles of 30 years or older do not have to be inspected as often. We are talking about once every 2 years. Vehicles from before the year do not have to be periodically inspected.

How long in advance of an MOT inspection?

It is understandable if you don't want to wait until the very last moment to have your car tested. Maybe you are afraid that something will come up at the last minute or that you will completely forget. This is understandable. You can get a fine if your car is not inspected (on time). And that is why it is great that you do not have to wait until the last minute. But how long in advance? You can have your vehicle MOT tested as early as 2 months before the expiry date of the MOT. The good thing about this is that the MOT expiry date remains the same. So you do not suddenly have to have the next inspection 2 months earlier because you had the car inspected a little earlier this year. That is ideal!

What does the MOT check for?

The technical inspection examines the car for all kinds of inspection requirements in the field of road safety, environment and registration.

Road safety includes the inspection of, among others:

The environment includes the inspection of, among other things:

Registration includes the inspection of, inter alia:

  • mileage,
  • Used fuel
  • the vehicle identification number

MOT what to bring?

Now you know what the MOT involves and how often it has to be done. Now you may think: "Ok, MOT what to bring? The most important thing you need to bring to the inspection is the car. The only means of identification that is required is the chassis number in combination with the number plate.

MOT Amsterdam

APK station nameGarage address Telephone number opening hours website
MOT without appointmentHelicopterstraat 4, 1059 CG Amsterdam+3120770509008:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
Gerrie, APK Centre OsdorpOsdorperweg 518N, 1067 SX Amsterdam+3120619777108:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
APK Garage VlugtlaanBurgemeester de Vlugtlaan 121A, 1063 BJ Amsterdam+3120354649409:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT station TCE autoserviceKamperfoelieweg 38, 1032 HN Amsterdam+3120637391207:30 - 18:30 Mon - Fri
AMS Car Service AmsterdamLandbouwstraat 86, 1097 TS Amsterdam+3120303282609:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
Garage new westKeurenplein 13-15, 1069 CD Amsterdam+3120610035609:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT garage bolstoenBolstoen 6D, 1046 AT Amsterdam+3120619006409:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT testing station Plantage Kerklaan 33, 1018 CV AmsterdamUnknown Unknown
Auto Service OsdorpLouis Schottingstraat 2, 1068 KB Amsterdam+3120667178209:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri

MOT Rotterdam

APK station nameGarage address Telephone number opening hours website
Solid MOTKatendrechtse Lagedijk 1, 3081 ZG Rotterdam+3110484888109:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT DRIVE-IN spanish polderDulderstraat 9, 3044 BD Rotterdam+3110415821010:00 - 17:00 Mon-Fri
MOT ok Metaalhof 48, 3067 GM Rotterdam+3188275000308:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
MOT inspection station SEMTHooidrift 137A, 3023 KL Rotterdam+3110477748609:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
A.P.K. Inspection Station "Vierhaven"Hudsonstraat 23-29, 3025 CB Rotterdam+3110478017209:00 - 19:00 Mon - Fri
MOT station MARCUSIndustrieweg 131B, 3044 AS Rotterdam+3110314097808:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
Autobedrijf Willemsbrug BVBoterdiep 11, 3077 AW Rotterdam+3110479000008:00 - 17:30 Mon - Fri
Halil Gul APK StationCoolsestraat 160, 3014 LN Rotterdam+3110413371909:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
Car garage StartfitGouderakstraat 53, 3079 DB Rotterdam+3110482497709:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri

MOT The Hague

APK station nameGarage address Telephone number opening hours website
Garage de Grote Beer B.V. Van Gijnstraat 24, 2288 GB Rijswijk+3170383811309:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
MOT super service Radarstraat 185, 2525 LZ The Hague+3170369968109:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT Centre The HagueZilverstraat 70, 2544 EL The Hague+3168160632808:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
Garage business MEBO CarsSpaarnestraat 11, 2515 VL The Hague+3170383998009:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
MOT HaaglandenUitenhagestraat 78, 2571 PV The Hague+3163456789409:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT testing stationSpionkopstraat 7, 2572 NK The Hague+3170380326808:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
BS Automotive - APK service The Hague Lulofsstraat 100, 2521 AM The Hague+3170304009308:00 - 17:30 Mon - Fri
MOT WaldorpWaldorpstraat 353, 2521 CJ The Hague+3162484557009:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
Jerome's MOT and car serviceLaan van Waalhaven 169, 2497 GN The Hague+3170303000909:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

MOT Utrecht

APK station nameGarage address Telephone number opening hours website
MOT station UtrechtLabradordreef 1, 3565 AN Utrecht+3161472117209:00 - 18:00 Mon - Fri
MOT Centre UtrechtTractieweg 210, 3534 AP UtrechtNBSaturday only
APK Center OvervechtMississippidreef 20B, 3565 CG Utrecht+3130633618709:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
Attevelt APKLange Rozendaal 17, 3511 XL Utrecht+3165466038009:00 - 17:30 Mon - Fri
ACDelco UtrechtBoteyken 303, 3454 PD Utrecht+3130276430008:00 - 17:30 Mon - Fri
Vakgarage Autowereld UtrechtWeerdsingel Oostzijde 42, 3514 AD Utrecht+3130303160007:30 - 17:30 Mon - Fri
Car company Utrecht Weerdsingel Oostzijde 43, 3514 AD Utrecht+3130271733407:30 - 17:30 Mon - Fri
Garage-Goylaan't Goylaan 59, 3525 AA Utrecht+3130261906408:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri
Car company Fix-it allEendrachtlaan 242, 3526 LB Utrecht+3130214848809:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri