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Smart background

Nicolas Hayek, the creator of the Swatch wristwatch, had an idea to market a car that eventually became the Smart. Initially, he enlisted the help of VW to design a simple, affordable city car. Mercedes-Benz, however, seized Ferdinand Pich's hand when he waved it. When the cost of development rose and Hayek realised his plan was being blown off, he left. After this, Mercedes introduced the vehicle in 1998 under the Smart brand. For more than nine years, the first generation of the spacious two-seater was produced, along with variants such as the Forfour, a traditional four-seater and the Roadster. The second edition, released in 2007, is about to be retired. At present, Smart sells the Fortwo exclusively as a coupé and convertible with soft-top. Only the Fortwo, a coupé and cabrio with a soft top that can be fully opened or closed while driving, is now available from Smart. The drive is provided by three-cylinder petrol engines with or without turbo (diesel is no longer an option), which send their power to the rear wheels via a five or six-speed automatic transmission. The smart electric drive is the only exception, as it uses a lithium-ion battery to power its electric motor, which also provides rapid acceleration. In addition to the beautifully painted Brabus models, which come with a choice of electric drive or one-litre turbo engine with 102 hp, you can also choose from the three equipment lines pure, pulse and desire.

Database Smart

The overviews below show service intervals, engine oil requirements and tips for the most recent Smart models. The intervals and guidelines are only an indication, circumstances may occur that cause a garage to give a different advice.

Smart distribution chain

The Smart cars are equipped with a timing chain. Despite what is often thought, timing chains (which are used on many engines instead of a timing belt) do not last forever. It is therefore advisable to check the chain at service intervals and, if necessary, replace it preventively. It is generally said that a chain can last up to 300,000 km, but in practice it can happen that the chain stretches, which can cause a rattling noise. This can sometimes occur after 4-5 years after the production date. So it is important to have the car checked regularly and to inspect the chain properly during the maintenance to prevent possible problems and damage.

Tyre pressure Smart

The tyre pressure of your Smart should be checked monthly to ensure its optimal performance. In addition, incorrect tyre pressure can lead to high fuel consumption and the tyres wearing out more quickly or irregularly. On the following pages you will find an overview of the tyre pressures for your Smart.

Known issues and buying advice Smart

For popular Smart models, we have listed the known problems and buying advice. Click on the links below to read on!

Which motor oil Smart

Changing engine oil on time is crucial for the condition of your engine. It is also important to know which motor oil you need. The maintenance booklet generally always mentions the appropriate motor oil. Do you want to know which motor oil to put in your Smart? Then use the handy search tool of Kroon Oil: