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The origins of BMW

BMW, which stands for die Bayerischen Motoren Werke, began in 1917 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. In 1923, the first motorbike came from BMW, and from 1928 the first BMW cars appeared on the market. Today, Mini and Rolls-Royce also belong to BMW, so the group covers the whole range from small cars to super-luxury sedans. However, the best-known models are still the 3 and 5 series, which are among the most sought-after in their segments.

Database BMW

The overviews below show service intervals, engine oil requirements and tips for the most recent BMW models. The intervals and guidelines are only an indication, as there may be circumstances in which a workshop would advise differently.

BMW timing chain or belt?

Do you own a BMW and wonder whether it has a timing belt or a timing chain? The BMW engine has a distribution chain and not a belt. This chain connects the camshaft(s) and the crankshaft. The main function of the chain is to operate the intake and exhaust valves during the stroke cycle of the pistons.

When to replace a timing chain BMW

Good news for BMW owners! The timing belt is maintenance-free, while a replacement interval applies to the timing belt. If you want to be sure, we always advise you to consult the instruction booklet, where you can find out whether your car has a distribution belt or a distribution chain.

That a distribution chain lasts a lot longer than a belt should be clear, but a chain can also cause problems. In general people say that a chain can last up to 300,000 km but in practice it can happen that the chain stretches which can cause a rattling noise. This can sometimes already occur after 4-5 years after the production date. So it is important to have the car checked regularly and to inspect the chain properly during the maintenance to prevent possible problems and damage.

Which engine oil BMW

Changing engine oil on time is crucial for the condition of your engine. It is also important to know which motor oil you need. In general, the maintenance booklet always mentions the suitable motor oil. In the overview below, we have listed the suitable motor oil for a number of models:

Tyre pressure BMW

The tyre pressure of your BMW should be checked monthly to ensure optimum performance. In addition, incorrect tyre pressure can lead to high fuel consumption and faster or irregular wear of the tyres. At this page you will find an overview of the tyre pressures for your BMW.

Known issues and buying advice BMW

For popular BMW models, we have listed the known problems and buying advice. Click on the links below to read on!

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