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The Birth of Jaguar

The Jaguar company was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, in the first years they produced motorbike sidecars, then the development of bodies for passenger cars began.

At the time the company was still operating under the name of S. S. Cars Limited, the company expanded to the production of cars made in collaboration with Standard Motor Co, the model name was Jaguar for some models. The name of the company was changed from SS Cars to Jaguar Cars in 1945.

In 1990, Ford bought Jaguar Cars and it remained their property until 2008. Ford then sold both Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors. Tata established Jaguar and Land Rover as a subsidiary.


Database Jaguar

The overviews below contain many useful service intervals and tips on Jaguar models. The intervals and guidelines are only an indication, there may be circumstances in which a workshop gives a different recommendation.

When to replace a Jaguar timing belt

The timing belt or chain is essential for (almost) any combustion engine, without it there can be no combustion. This is because the timing belt ensures that the camshaft, the crankshaft and the valves are driven by this belt or chain. Many Jaguars have a distribution chain, some of the models below have a distribution belt that needs to be replaced periodically. Below per model the intervals known to us: