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The birth of Citroën

Citroën is a French car manufacturer and has been part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group since 1976. Citroën was founded in 1919 by French industrialist André-Gustave Citroën (1878-1935). In 1934 the company established its reputation for innovative technology with the Traction Avant. This car was the world's first mass-produced front-wheel-drive car, but also one of the first to have a self-supporting chassis instead of the then customary ladder chassis.

In 1954, they also produced the world's first hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system. Which, in 1955, was also used in the revolutionary DS, which was also fitted with brake discs. This was the first mass production car with disc brakes. In 1967, they introduced swivelling headlights in several models, which provided greater visibility on winding roads; these cars have received several awards at international and national level, including three European Car of the Year.

Database Citroën

The overviews below contain many useful service intervals and tips on the most recent Citroën models. The intervals and guidelines are only an indication, there may be circumstances in which a garage may give different advice.

When to replace a Citroen timing belt

The timing belt or chain is essential for (almost) any combustion engine, without it there can be no combustion. This is because the timing belt ensures that the camshaft, the crankshaft and the valves are driven by means of this belt or chain. Nearly all Citroëns have a timing belt that has to be replaced periodically. Below per model the intervals known to us: