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The origins of Volkswagen (VW)

Volkswagen was originally founded in 1932 by the German Workers' Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) in Berlin. In the early 1930s the German car industry still consisted largely of luxury models and the average German could rarely afford anything more than a motorbike. As a result, only one in 50 Germans owned a car. In search of a potential new market, some car manufacturers started independent projects for "passenger cars" - including the Mercedes 170H, Adler AutoBahn, Steyr 55 and Hanomag 1.3L.

From 1948, Volkswagen became an important element and the pride of the West German regeneration. Heinrich Nordhoff (1899-1968), a former senior manager at Opel who managed the production of civilian and military vehicles in the 1930s, was hired to run the plant in 1948.

Volkswagens were first introduced and sold in the United States in 1949, but sold only two units in the first year. Upon entering the American market, the VW was briefly sold as the Victory Wagon. Volkswagen of America was formed in April 1955 to standardise sales and service in the United States. Production of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle increased dramatically over the years, reaching a record one million in 1955.

Database VW (Volkswagen)

In the overviews below you will find many useful service intervals and tips on the most recent VW models. The intervals and guidelines are only an indication, circumstances can occur that make a garage give a different advice.

When to replace a timing belt in VW

The timing belt or chain is essential for (almost) any combustion engine, without it there can be no combustion. This is because the timing belt ensures that the camshaft, the crankshaft and the valves are driven by this belt or chain. Many Volkswagen's have a timing belt that needs to be replaced periodically. The intervals we know for each model are listed below:

Which engine oil Volkswagen

Changing engine oil on time is crucial for the condition of your engine. It is also important to know which motor oil you need. In the overview below, you can navigate to the right model. The overviews show both the type of oil and the quantity required.