Which bulbs are in your car

Check which bulbs are in your car

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The right car lights are important for good visibility. Especially in the winter months, it is even more important that your car's lights work properly. It is always handy to have a spare car lamp set These sets consist of different bulbs. Most cars have different types of lighting. Below is a brief overview of the different bulbs.

Daytime running lights DRL

DRL is a compulsory light for cars from 2011 onwards. This obligation does not apply to cars of earlier construction dates. These lights must be switched on when the engine is switched on. There are brands (such as Volvo) who introduced this feature much earlier. Most DRL lights are LESs because they require less power.

Low beam

Probably the most well-known and most used light, the low beam. It is compulsory to switch on this light when visibility is reduced due to the arrival of the night and/or rain, snow, hail or fog. For this type of lighting, an H7 or H4 bulb is usually used. In addition, some cars have xenon lighting.

Driving light

These lights were originally intended to be used in urban areas, hence the name city light. Nowadays you are not allowed to have only city lights when visibility is reduced. These lights are not intended to illuminate the road, you would do better to think of them as parking lights.

Main beam

This lighting provides the best view of the road, but can blind oncoming traffic. It is therefore forbidden to use these lights when there is oncoming traffic.

Fog lamps

As the name suggests, you can use these lights when visibility is reduced due to fog. The front fog lights shine more downwards so that the road below the fog bank is illuminated. The rear fog lights may only be switched on when visibility is less than 50 metres.

Xenon lights

Xenon lamps have become increasingly popular since the 1990s. The bulbs have become a lot more affordable and bring with them a number of important advantages. There is a complete article written on this topic, which you can read by clicking on this link - Xenon lamps advantages and disadvantages.

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