VW Up maintenance, tips and intervals

VW Up maintenance, what's involved? With a city car like the VW Up, it makes perfect sense to regularly check and maintain the car. In order to keep the car in the best possible technical condition, Volkswagen has set up a maintenance programme for the VW Up that exactly defines the maintenance intervals at which the vehicle needs to be inspected. On this page you will find an overview of valuable tips for all VW Up drivers.

VW Up Maintenance: Costs and Saving Tips

Volkswagen upSince the VW Up is considered the ideal entry-level model, it is often driven by novice drivers. The Internet is used as a source of information because beginners usually have little experience with inspection. Many questions are asked about maintenance, especially in online forums, but unfortunately the quality of the answers often varies. Therefore, we have tried to provide a complete overview on this page.

In particular, we address the following questions in detail:

  • What does an inspection of the VW Up cost?
  • How does an inspection work and what is serviced on the VW Up?
  • What are the service intervals for the VW Up? How often should it be inspected?
  • Are there ways to save on inspection costs?

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Volkswagen Up maintenance - how often should the vehicle be inspected?

As a VW Up owner, you probably wonder the most when and how often the car needs to be inspected in the workshop. The Volkswagen test plan provides practical answers by prescribing specific service intervals for the Up. These also need to be strictly adhered to in order not to jeopardise the manufacturer's warranty.

The oil change service is usually calculated by the service interval display on your VW Up on-board computer, which also informs you in time of an upcoming engine oil change. On older VW Up models, an illuminated oil lamp lets you know that an oil change is necessary. This should be the case with the Up! always after 15,000 kilometres or after a year, whichever comes first. Unlike other Volkswagen models, the VW Up does not have a long-life service, which allows for a flexible oil change after 2 years or 30,000 kilometres. Since the VW Up is based on the QI4 programme, when it comes to inspection intervals, oil changes and inspection intervals will have to take place every 15,000 kilometres or every year.

What is done during the inspection of the VW Up?

Since every VW Up is subject to different loads and therefore wear and tear of the components varies, we assume normal use. Because of this, various additional activities may occur during your inspections if your VW Up has been driven under unfavourable conditions. According to the Volkswagen maintenance programme, the following work will be carried out on your VW Up:

Oil change service:

  • Oil change including replacement of oil filter
  • The oil drain plug is replaced and, if necessary, the engine oil change interval is reset in the on-board computer
  • Visual inspection of the Up and note of oil change service in the service booklet

Minor inspection (every year / every 15000 kilometres):

  • General functional test of the VW Up (engine, chassis, steering, brake system, body electronics, etc.)
  • Fluid check: cooling water, brake fluid and windscreen wiper fluid to be refilled
  • Filter change (interior + oil if required)
  • Only if the intervals overlap: change the engine oil and also replace the oil drain plug


  • Replacing the filters (dust filter, pollen filter)
  • Checking the electronics and detailed monitoring of all vehicle functions
  • Brake fluid changed
  • Wear parts such as spark plugs have been replaced
  • For vehicles with semi-automatic ASG transmissions, a transmission oil change is also necessary.
  • Test gas filters and gas hoses (on LPG Ecofuel models)
  • Checking the air conditioning and air-conditioning fluid

At the latest from 90,000 kilometres driven, additional work is needed on the VW Up, which can of course increase the price of inspections slightly. The brakes, clutch and spark plugs in particular (VW usually specifies fixed intervals for these on the Up) are parts that need replacing sooner or later. In principle, we advise all VW Up drivers to request a cost estimate for the inspections. If additional work is found during the visual inspection, the VW Up owner's consent should be obtained before the work is carried out.

How much does the VW Up cost?

Of course, the cost of inspections is interesting. As there are large price differences, it is difficult to quote a fixed price for this. The cost of an inspection basically consists of the work (hours) and material costs. There are of course big differences here, as hourly wages and material prices differ from workshop to workshop for various reasons. However, it is often the case that you often pay less at an out-of-town workshop than at a workshop in a big city. Moreover, independent workshops are generally cheaper than authorised Volkswagen workshops. Our following price estimates are, on the one hand, based on random surveys we have conducted ourselves and on our own experience with similar Volkswagen Group vehicles. We always recommend contacting your preferred garage for a specific quote on VW Up maintenance.

For a pure oil change service on the Volkswagen Up, you will pay between €80 and €150 at an independent workshop. However, you will only reach the lower end of the price of around €80 if you buy your own engine oil in advance and bring it with you to the workshop. Remember that not every garage is waiting for this and inquire in advance whether it is possible to bring your own oil. At the VW dealer, in the worst case, you will even pay around €200 for a simple oil change. At this page We have made an overview of the engine oil which is suitable for the Volkswagen Up!

The cost of inspections on the Volkswagen Up: The price of an annual inspection and oil change on the Volkswagen Up is usually between €350 and €450, while the price of an inspection on the e-Up! due to the omitted oil change is around €250

After 90,000 kilometres, the chance of major repair and renewal work on your VW Up increases. These can of course increase the inspection costs. In general, you should make sure to note every service in your service book. Carefully kept service logs can later prove to be important for the warranty and value of the car.

How can I save money on the inspections of the VW Up?

There is no doubt that good VW Up maintenance has already saved you money in the long run by preventing defects and preserving the value of the vehicle. While the need for maintenance and inspections is obvious, no one is eager to spend unnecessary money on maintenance. Being proven bargain hunters ourselves, we have discovered potential savings that we are happy to share with you.

As we mentioned above, you can order your own motor oil online and take it with you to the oil change service. This is guaranteed to save you money. The price difference between webshops and the workshop is sometimes serious, so don't ignore this possibility! But there is also a huge potential for savings with other fluids, filters and spare parts. Original Volkswagen parts are expensive in the workshop, at online shops or car shops you can get equivalent parts accepted by VW at significantly lower prices. However, there is a risk of choosing cheap goods, so don't skimp on quality.

Changing the timing belt and water pump on the VW Up

Even with a small car like the VW Up, sooner or later you will have to replace the timing belt if you want to avoid expensive engine damage. Usually, the water pump is replaced as well. Read on this page more about replacing the timing belt.

How much does it cost to replace the timing belt on a VW Up?

Replacing the timing belt on the VW Up! is a time-consuming repair that involves dismantling much of the engine in its individual parts. Due to the high workload, the cost is between €400 and €550. Volkswagen does not provide official information on the interval for replacing the timing belt. However, after 120,000 kilometres driven, the mechanic should check the condition of your Up!'s timing belt. Under normal circumstances, however, the first change may only take place after around 200,000 kilometres.

  • VW UP 1.0 i all variants = No unambiguous interval. Check at 120 000 kilometres and replace if necessary after 240 000 kilometres and a maximum of 10 years.