Are you interested in having your car windows blinded without spending a lot of money? If so, then this is an article for you! On average, car window tinting costs between 200-400 euros. So if you want tinted windows but don't want to spend a lot of money on it? Then you can do it yourself, read these tips if you are going to do it yourself. 

1. Make sure the windows are clean

Before applying window film to the window, make sure that they are clean and that there is no dust or sticker on them (no residue either).

If there are stickers on the inside, make sure you remove them all and do not leave any residue. If you don't, it can adversely affect the glue and you are more likely to get blisters in the film.   

After you have cleaned the window, it is a good idea to empty the car as much as possible so that nothing can get in the way during application. Then thoroughly vacuum the car in order to prevent dust from sticking to the film.  

2. Have an accurate meeting

Before buying film, measure the windows that need to be blinded. Buying too much film is not a problem, but buying too little can be very frustrating and even cause you to have to start all over again.  

"Measuring is knowing" 

Most window film is delivered in a roll, these have different sizes in both width and length. As mentioned before, it is better to have too much than too little, so you are sure to have enough. A good rule is to order two centimetres on top of your measurements.  

3. First roll out the window film on the outside.

You first bring the window film on the outside of the windows. 

Make sure that the film perfectly matches the size and shape of the window.

Roll out the tint of the film and place it on the window covering so that it is facing you. The lining side is the one you pull off.  

4. Apply window film on the inside

Then you have to apply the window film to the inside. 

After you have cut out the shape, you can remove the liner from the actual film. To do this easily, place masking tape on one side and pull the two apart by holding the tape.

After it has been applied, use a ice scraper for the film to adhere evenly to the window. 

5. The law of blinding 

In the Netherlands, you cannot darken the windows of your car indefinitely. Dutch law sets a maximum transparency, otherwise you will be fined and your car will be rejected during the MOT.  

The Public Prosecutor's Office has drawn up the following guidelines: 

"Do you want to put a film or coating on the windscreen of your car? Will it let less light through? That is prohibited in the Netherlands.

If the vehicle is allowed on the road, the windscreen must have a minimum light transmission of 75%. The light transmission of the front side windows must be at least 70%.

To be clear: 100% is full light transmission.

The rear window may have a film or coating. The vehicle must have a right exterior mirror.

All these rules are in the European Directive 92/22/EEC"