Buying a diesel or petrol car?

There has been a lot of talk about diesel cars lately. Porsche has withdrawn its diesel models and no longer offers them, and the diesel offerings of Toyota is now also limited to its pickups and SUVs. Much of the controversy surrounding diesel stems from widespread media coverage of emissions scandals and negative government attention. This has led to a dramatic decline in diesel car sales. But does this mean you shouldn't consider buying one yourself?

When is a diesel car more advantageous

Ultimately, your choice of car comes down to petrol, diesel, hybrid or electricity, with the latter expected to provide the mid- to long-term answer to our personal transport needs. However, for a large number of motorists, diesel still makes sense.

Depending on how many miles you drive per year, a diesel can still be very attractive. The tipping point is still around 20,000 kilometres per year. If you decide to buy a used car, the difference can increase even further, as diesel cars have fallen out of favour due to negative media attention. If a 3-4-year-old diesel car is 2,000.00 euros cheaper, it will take an average of 3 years to recoup the difference in road tax. Not to mention the difference in fuel price and consumption.

What are good diesel models to buy?

There are traditionally a number of well-known brands that have developed the diesel engine to very great heights. These are the VAG group, BMW, and the French brands. The diesels of a few years ago often had a capacity of 1500 to 2000 cc and could easily achieve 1:20 with a normal driving style. Audi Like other brands, we have also developed a number of 3 cylinder engines, which can even reach 1:25. So you can drive 1000 kilometres on a 40 litre tank!

The only things you can't control with a diesel are the road tax and whether or not diesels are allowed in city centres. It will probably be another five years before younger diesels are banned from city centres, but be warned, in the long run this could be a problem if you live near one.