Leasing a car is no longer just for companies. Private individuals are also increasingly opting for a lease car. The electric lease car is also gaining ground. The advantages of a lease car are that you drive a new car for a fixed amount per month, no extra costs for maintenance and road tax.

Why a Kia E Niro?

The Kia has long proved to be a well-performing brand in the car market. The brand has been around for many years and is now also available to people who would like to drive electric but don't want to pay the jackpot for it. A Kia E Niro is packed with the latest innovations using the latest technologies.

The battery

A super important part of an electric passenger car is, of course, the battery. How far can you drive on a full battery and how long does it take to recharge? The Kia E Niro features a battery with a range of around 375 kilometres. Charging the battery on the highway is super-fast. An indicator light on the dashboard shows the charging status. Within thirty minutes, the Kia is ready for another challenge. Few electric cars in this price range have such a long range. The Kia E Niro therefore handles its energy very efficiently. For instance, it makes use of so-called regenerative braking. This ingenious braking system brings the car to a complete stop by braking on the engine. The flippers on the steering wheel provide extra braking power and the resulting energy is also stored in the battery pack.

Luxury and comfort

Kia stands for luxury and comfort. The Kia E Niro has a stylish design with many luxury options. For example, there is Ambient Lighting in the interior, which allows you to completely adjust the colour to your style and mood. An electronic parking brake, handy rotary knob on centre console instead of a handbrake, interior made of high-quality materials and all kinds of smart innovations. The Kia E Niro has it all. With its 204 hp and up to 150 kWh of power, you'll go from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 7.8 seconds. The Kia E Niro is surprisingly spacious. Much more spacious than those of comparable cars. With the rear seats folding down in several parts, you quickly and conveniently create a cargo space of no less than 451 litres. That's a lot of extra practical space. The higher sitting position in the front gives you an excellent overview. In the back, there is room for three people. They also benefit from seat heating on the back seats. In many other cars, this only applies to the driver and co-driver.

Favourable lease price

Comparing its range and space with other electric cars, the Kia E Niro emerges as one of the most attractive cars to lease. Cost of servicing, road tax and inspections are all included in the monthly price that you pay over a period of 3 to 5 years that you choose.