The first Opel Astra was launched in 1991. With it, Opel wanted to give a worthy successor to the very popular Opel Kadett. As always, Vauxhall had a lot of competition in the mid-segment. Although the Astra did well in terms of sales figures, they could not VW and later Peugeot In terms of sales figures, the Astra doesn't beat the competition. This may be explained by the somewhat bourgeois character, the Astra doesn't excel in anything, but on the other hand it doesn't score an insufficiency on the components, reliability, space and equipment. The finish isn't on the VAG level, but it isn't bad either and generally stands the test of time well. 

In this article we will discuss the Opel Astra Mk6, production took place between 2009 – 2015 and was offered with both diesel and petrol engines. In addition, there were many different body styles, from a beautiful coupe to a spacious estate car. If you are considering buying an Opel Astra Mk6, you might want to check the following points. 

Common problems Opel Astra 

  • The M32 six-speed manual transmission can fail. Opel recognises this problem and replaces the gearbox. So please check whether this has been done. 
  • Look in the boot for signs of water leakage. There may be a puddle of water near the spare wheel. Replace rubbers. 
  • As written, the finish is in order but not top-notch. This can cause squeaks and creaks. If you want to remedy this, it can be a long quest. So pay attention to this during a possible test drive. 
  • The cruise control may be disabled and the brake lights may flash due to a known parking sensor fault.
  • The bearings/balls in the front suspension wear out quickly, leading to knocking when the car drives over bumps. Fortunately, replacement is not very expensive. 
  • The 1.4 engine has a few points of interest. High oil consumption can be caused by a broken crankcase ventilation membrane. The cooling system of the 1.4 engines can show leakage. In addition, the water pump and the thermostat can give up the ghost sooner than you might expect. A false report of a low cooling water level is caused by a broken float in the reservoir or a defective sensor.

The pros and cons of the Opel Astra Mk6 

Generally, buying an Vauxhall Astra is a safe choice. Although this car doesn't really excel in anything, it doesn't fall through the cracks either. There are some annoying problems, like the six-speed gearbox that can fail, but which Vauxhall does replace. In this case it is advisable to check whether this has already been done. Finally, the 1.4 engine can be disappointing in terms of reliability.